Expressing opposition regarding mask mandates and COVID-19 vaccinations for school-aged children. Today’s correspondence is going to the NYS Assembly Standing Committee on Education.  You can copy and paste all the email addresses below at the same time into the bcc option for recipients so that you will only have to send the email one time.  The message to copy and paste is found below the addresses.  Feel free to modify the message to fit your circumstances.Thank you!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dear Assembly Members of the Standing Committee on Education :

Governor Cuomo recently rescinded the emergency declaration (Executive Order 202) in New York State.   This decision was long overdue.  Those of us who have been frustrated with the unconstitutional overreach of the State government and the agencies of the State government – including but not limited to the NYS Department of Health – were naively hopeful that such a rescinding would mean a return to local control and local decision making.We are now aware that despite the rescinding of the emergency declaration, many aspects of Executive Order 202 will remain in effect thanks to unscrupulous decisions to swiftly codify new rules and regulations without public input. We are aware that much of Executive Order 202 is being unconstitutionally codified at the agency level. For example: we are aware that the Department of Health has changed Title 10 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules, and Regulations of the State of New York for the purpose of codifying mask mandates and punishments for failure to comply with mask mandates. This amendment to Title 10 was made without public comments and without legislative oversight. The Department of Health failed to seek input from the  small businesses, schools, and county governments that would be directly impacted. The justification given for these amendments was (in part) “Executive Order 202.” In other words, an expiring executive order is being used to forever change Official Codes, Rules, and Regulations. This is a disgusting back door run to keep the control of the emergency order in place even if the order itself is not. It is smoke and mirrors. It is the type of behavior one would expect under an authoritarian regime.It appears that the mask mandate can now be used as a stick and carrot to force school aged children to be vaccinated.  There will be no need to create a formal vaccination mandate if the threat of on-going and unnecessary face coverings is used to “convince” people to fall in line. I  and many others oppose this unconstitutional overreach that ignores the people, the legislature, the county governments, and science.Should the State of New York fail to remove the mask-mandate, my children will not be returning to school. I will not be bullied by the powerful who believe they know better than I. Should the mask mandate remain or if the COVID-19 vaccine becomes mandated, I will withdraw my children from institutionalized education. I will become an expert homeschooling instructor who teaches my children the truth about the Constitution, American history, and the threat posed by the New York State government.


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